Proud trainer moment with Larry

 Posted by on December 15, 2014
Dec 152014
Proud trainer moment with Larry

Proud trainer moment…  My 80 year old client better than most 50 year olds. I don’t brag about all my clients but Larry deserves a mention. I’ve been working with Larry for about 14 years now and can honestly say that the power of diet and exercise is truly like an anti-aging drug and an alcohol addiction [ read more ]

Nov 182014
Client question about about why you need flexibility

Question from Andy: Trainerbob…  Why should I care about flexibility? Answer: There are tons of benefits to good flexibility, however the primary one for a male is injury prevention. Aside from the fact that good flexibility improves posture, enhances sports performance and improves functional range of motion in every day movements, yes, injury prevention is number [ read more ]

Nov 092014
Client question about meeting trainer 1 time per week

Question: Question from Jerry: Trainerbob…  My schedule only allows me to meet with you once per week, Can I make any progress? Answer: It depends! I have several clients who met once a week. People are busy and sometimes carving out time for added activities is difficult to do. Meeting with a trainer isn’t about getting [ read more ]

Oct 102014
Client question about Statin drugs without lifestyle change

Question: Trainerbob… If I’m on cholesterol medication, can I eat what ever I want? Answer: Absolutely not…  Many people who take a statin medication to lower their cholesterol mistakenly think that they can eat whatever they like. This is definitely not the case. A recent study has shown in the last several years, many individuals [ read more ]

Oct 032014
Client question about protein sources for lunch

Question: Trainerbob… Can you give me some protein suggestions for lunch? Answer Sure can… Let’s start with what I had for lunch today. I started with a small bowl of Quinoa (pronounced kinwa), which is a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It is high in protein and gluten free. It is also considered a complete [ read more ]

Sep 302014
Client question about cardio & strength training

Question: Trainerbob… Why should I have to do both cardiovascular and strength training exercises? Isn’t my aerobics enough? Answer That depends on your goal! If you want to become more cardiovascularly fit, then yes… Cardio alone is fine. But… If you want more strength, improved weight loss, higher metabolism and better bone density, then studies show Strength Training [ read more ]