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"I have had the opportunity to work with Bob Fields for nearly 10 years. Bob has helped many of my patients initiate an individualized wellness program focused on transforming their entire lifestyle. Patients receive education on nutritional issues, customized exercise prescriptions, and work to identify and eliminate barriers to success.

I especially rely on Bob's expertise for patients with complicated chronic disease states such as diabetes mellitus. His understanding of the pathophysiology of these conditions allow us to work together to design medically safe and successful programs for each patient. Bob also works closely with me providing regular progress reports as well as identifying and forwarding any health concerns that may come to his attention during his interaction with my patients.

In my opinion, Bob Fields serves as the benchmark a client interested in wellness coaching should judge other providers."

—Kevin Coss, M.D.   

"I've recently started referring some of my patients to Bob Fields for exercise and nutritional counseling. I like to used Bob because of his multifaceted approach. He can help with strength, endurance, and the flexibility component of training as well as provide dietary advice for improving weight loss.

Additionally, with his extensive 30 plus year training background, he's a nice fit for helping patients with specific issues, such as exercises for post rehabilitation of common musculoskeletal pains and limited range of motion."

—Bob Turnquist, M.D   

"Having had to stop running after 28 years due to knee problems and having become insulin resistant, my doctor suggested weight training.

Although in good physical condition except for the threat of diabetes, I began working with Trainer Bob. Within six months I had lost 18 lbs and 2-3 inches in the waist. Seven years later I still weight train with him weekly as well as twice weekly on my own.
I have not been insulin resistant since the first year of training. My calculated "Real Age" is now 58."

—Larry Woodling, 74 year old male, Carmel, IN   

I’m not one of Bob’s clients – but my husband Ian is. Five years ago, he decided after an annual physical that he needed to be in better shape. We bought a treadmill, but it only took a few months for him to realize he wasn’t getting anywhere on his own. So he went back to his doctor and got a referral to Trainer Bob. I guess he and Bob hit it off immediately because I don’t think he has missed his two weekly workouts more than a few times since then! With Bob’s guidance, Ian has been able to set realistic goals and make a lifetime commitment to staying fit. And Bob hasn’t pedaled “extras” like supplements or equipment – he instills the basics and does not seem prey to trendy diets and exercise gimmicks. I have my own regimen, but I’ve benefitted vicariously from Bob’s occasional recipes, tips and techniques. I think the two of them have a great relationship – built on a shared “techie” nature and mutual respect for doing their homework and understanding the science of fitness. We see Ian’s contract with Bob as one of our untouchable annual expenses. His schedule is tight, and Bob makes sure he never cancels, but re-schedules every appointment he can’t make. The bottom line is that they have a great relationship that translates into great results for Ian!

—Ellan Smith, Carmel,,Indiana   

Initially my doctor referred me to Trainer Bob to begin a consistent exercise routine. I have type II Diabetes and needed to make some lasting lifestyle changes. I hesitated to contact him at first because I was self-conscious about training with someone and going to a gym where everyone looks great. I'm glad I finally made the call and got started. Trainerbob is awesome!!! Trainer Bob uses a private gym just for trainers. That put me at ease right away. He has a wonderful personality and really makes an investment in each of his clients. I have been training for about 8 months with Bob. In that time I have lost a bit of weight and more importantly have been able to stop taking one of my medications!!! Bob not only helps with fitness, but coaches you on nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you accomplish your personal goals. In addition, he keeps the workouts interesting, gives you 'homework' and helps keep you focused on lifelong changes. Bob is accomodating with schedules, provides lots of encouragement and always greets you with a positive attitude!!!
I highly recommend Trainer Bob for anyone who wants to get fit, make long term, lasting changes and have fun along the way!!!

—Anne R., Indianapolis, IN   

I had never exercised regularly but had stayed trim until I turned 50. I tried 2 or 3 trainers before I was referred to TrainerBob. He has pushed me to tone and strengthen by body and helped to make strength training enjoyable with results. Bob encouraged me to food-log, increase cardio exercise and to improve my diet. I am extremely pleased with the results and feel motivated to maintain this new life style. Thanks, Bob, for the encouragement.

—Dianne W., Carmel, IN   

My physician recommended Trainer Bob as an alternative to taking statins and because I needed a regular exercise regimen. TB was a breath of fresh air compared with the stereotypical personal trainer. He listened to my needs and goals and put together a fitness and nutrition plan to help me achieve them. He continues to be a positive influence in my life through twice weekly training sessions, and by providing a sounding board for me to discuss business development ideas. Bob Fields exceeded my expectations and I offer the highest recommendation of him as a health and wellness coach. Derek Price, 43, Indianapolis, Indiana, client since 2006.

—Derek Price, 43, Indianapolis, Indiana, client since 2006   

I am a seventy year old woman and have been training with Trainer Bob for almost four years. When my doctor recommended that I begin an exercise program, I was very intimidated by my age and condition. I was not looking for a "boot camp" experience with someone who could not begin to relate to me. Trainer Bob was the perfect fit for me. His many years of experience have exposed him to clients with many different personalities and needs and he does an amazing job of meeting clients where they are and giving them just what they need. I would never have stayed in an exercise program for this long with anyone else. If you are a "boomer" who needs to get off the couch - Bob is your man.

—Karen F., 70 year old female, Carmel, IN   

"I have been a client of Bob Fields for several years. With his encouragement and knowledge, I truly believe my personalized exercise regimen coupled with his nutrition advice has been instrumental for me avoiding a major cardiac event. Bob is focused on the whole “you”. He is interested in what’s going on in your life and how this may affect you from a stress standpoint. He motivates and helps you strategize to knock down barriers in your daily routine that may sabotage your exercise program and fitness goals.
He is the quintessential personal trainer, totally focused on your health and wellness."

—Bill Mason, M.D., Carmel, IN   

"I felt the need to share a few words about the good nature and competency of Trainer Bob. I recently left the Real Estate business in pursuit of my dream to work in the fitness industry. This would not have happened had I not met Trainer Bob in November of 2009. This is how it happened. Having played football until I was 30 years old, I have worked out for the better portion of my life. I believe I began lifting weights when I was 12 and I am still and avid lifter at the spry age of 43. Trainer Bob has clients where I workout and I would observe his techniques and demeanor when we were there at the same time. After much contemplation of wanting to start my own business in the fitness industry I approached Trainer Bob with some questions. Wow, was I surprised with his willingness and enthusiasm to help me. He offered me what I have to believe most trainers would not. FREE on the job training. Are you kidding me? Right then and there I knew that was my shove to start doing what I always wanted to do. I immediately started mirroring Trainer Bob and gained years of knowledge in just a few short months. He is a wealth of knowledge and where most strength lies in training young athletes and sports itself, Trainer Bob is the master of training people with specific need and/or medical problems. Six months later I find myself running a successful and respected business of my own thanks to this man. Most trainers think they have the secret recipe when it comes to exercise programs and go to great lengths to make sure no one steals it from them. Give me a break! The fact is you can have the best program in the world but if you don't know how to treat people or lack personality you won't have any clients. If everyone approached our industry like Trainer Bob we would be a healthier society for it. In my opinion Trainer Bob is not only changing the face of fitness he is changing humanity. Heart felt thanks to you trainer Bob!"

—Dale Speckman Excel Athletic, LLC   

“I first met with Trainer Bob in 2001. I was interested in getting myself into better shape as our SWAT team had begun competing in SWAT competitions with teams from around the world. We had to complete a specific obstacle course each year to stay on the team. I always completed it, but I was toward the bottom in times. I wanted to be much better.

In four short months, I went from one of the bottom times to the third highest. I was setting personal bests. I went on to compete for our team the next four years. We were the Indiana state champions in 2003 and runner-ups in 2004. We went on to compete in the World SWAT Challenge, which was televised on ESPN 2 in 2005.

I could not have accomplished these feats without the direction and coaching of Trainer Bob. Trainer Bob gave me specific exercises to address my weaknesses. He took the time to address my nutritional education as well as my workouts. I still use everything he taught me in my workouts today. Whether you need a full time life coach or just a little tweaking of your current exercise program, Trainer Bob is the answer."

—Sgt. Adam Miller, SWAT Team member, Carmel Police Department   

"I have known Bob both personally and professionally for over 20 years. He has served as a personal trainer/exercise specialist for many of my patients over the last 20 years. " Trainer Bob" is an excellent personal trainer who consistently exceeds the expectations of myself and my patients.

He takes a personal interest in all his clients. Never have they complained of feeling like a number. He will conduct a thorough health investigation and measure all relevant body parameters and then make both short and long terms goals.

He is very experienced working with medically complicated patients which has allowed me to feel comfortable sending him my most challenging patients. This includes patients recently undergoing bariatric surgery and patients with osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. He treats my patients fairly and professionally, and I recommend him as a highly qualified personal trainer without reservation."

—Clifford W. Fetters, M.D.   

"I was in bad shape. My doctor had just informed me that I was morbidly obese, had fatty liver issues, was at the beginning stages of insulin resistance, and that if I did not do something that within five years I would probably have a full blown case of Type I Diabetes. This was especially relevant since I have a family history of diabetes on both sides of my family. I did not know what to do. My physician recommended I see Bob Fields (aka “Trainer Bob”) for a much needed regime on exercise and diet. Furthermore, I had just received in the mail a notice of my 35th year high school reunion in about nine months.
The doctor’s statements and the upcoming reunion provided the incentive I needed. I immediately contacted Trainer Bob. He put me on a customized exercise plan that burned fat and built muscle. He also provided me a diet to get rid of fat. Within five months I lost forty pounds, greatly lowered my percent body fat, got rid of the fatty liver issues, and all my blood chemistry problems such as insulin and sugar problems disappeared!!!! I became much stronger. As a matter of fact, I am the strongest I have ever been in my life.

Bob is an expert in both the physics and physiology of exercise. He is personable but persistently pushing you to achieve your goals. The bottom line is you cannot go wrong if you work with Trainer Bob. He also helps you with the mental aspects of your life as your fitness improves so you do not regress and fall into the weight loss/gain/loss cycle. I can do nothing but recommend Trainer Bob and encourage you to go for it under the leadership of Bob Fields."

—Respectfully submitted, Michael H. Stikeleather, Carmel, IN   

"I was referred to Bob Fields, aka, Trainer Bob, several years ago by an orthopedic surgeon. I have had knee and shoulder problems from years of self-coached athletics that resulted in multiple surgeries. My physician recommended Trainer Bob to help with a post rehab program. Bob was able to explain the hows and whys of exercise to prevent future injuries. Furthermore, he targeted my short and long term goals and developed a training program that has put me in the best shape of my life! As a side note, I have now completed several sprint triathlons and a mini marathon and have been injury and surgery free for over six years! Thanks Trainer Bob for keeping me in one piece."

—Jeff Horwitz, current client since 2003   

"One of Trainer Bob’s specialties is tailoring diet and exercise to the abilities and goals of people with challenges such as back pain, bad knees, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and other difficulties. As you progress and run into setbacks—and you will, if you’re serious about what you’re doing—Bob helps you adjust, rehab, and rethink. His contagious positive attitude and sense of humor keep the workout from feeling like a workload. He offers as much help for the head as he does for the body.
No matter what shape your body and attitude toward diet and exercise are in today, they’ll be in much better shape after some time with Bob Fields. The more you want to learn, the more he has to offer."

—Lisa Wheeler, writer and editor, client since 2006   

"It has been some thirty five years that I have engaged a personal trainer. In that time and with extensive experience with a number of them, Bob stands out among them all. His training as an engineer provides him with a foundation of understanding of body dynamics that very few trainers bring to their profession.

Moreover, his individualized regimen is tailored to the personal needs of his client. He is comprehensive in and thorough in his approach. In our over five years together and among other things, I have achieved weight loss, the completion of several mini-triathlons as well as two nature trail runs with increased body strength."

—David Woll, Carmel, IN   

"My doctor recommended Trainer Bob to help me get healthier. My weight was higher than I liked and my cholesterol and sugar were too high. Plus I have shoulder, back and knee problems. After working out with Trainer Bob, I am feeling 100% better. My weight, cholesterol, and sugar all went down into the normal range for the first time in 5 years. The chronic pain in my back, shoulders and knees has also greatly improved and is almost gone. I truly feel like I have a new lease on life.

Since I was doing so much better, my husband decided to join me in the training sessions. We both go now and intend to make it a life long commitment with Trainer Bob. A BIG difference between Trainer Bob and other trainers is that you learn not just how to use the equipment properly, but he also keeps great records of your progress, teaches you about your health and muscle groups, how to do the appropriate stretches after each exercise, what foods to eat, etc.

You walk away from his sessions a healthier and more knowledgeable person."

—Jane and Don Brackney   

"Trainer Bob has been more than just a personal trainer. More than just a nutrition expert. More than just health guru. He has been a life coach! He has an uncanny ability to discern how stress in your personal and professional life can impact your health, and then is able to offer solutions and guidance for improving your life.
He is a motivator, and true professional, and now a good friend. I would highly recommend Trainer Bob to anyone looking to be healthier in body, in mind, in life!"

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative!

—Andy McIntyre, Fishers, IN   

"Bob Fields provides a combination of proven training methods, experience, knowledge, and encouragement. He has become a welcomed but unseen member of our household. Bob doesn’t push pills or exotic treatments just encouragement, excellent people skills and most importantly, his ability to assess and tailor a strength, cardio, and diet program for me.

After a few short weeks I am losing weight, body fat and have heightened energy levels. Long term, I believe Bob provides the tools and knowledge to better my prospects for a long and healthy life."

—Dave Porter, Fishers, IN   

"I am 60 years old and have NEVER strength trained! My husband (62 years old) said we need to get in shape! In 3 short weeks, Trainer Bob has doubled my weight-lifting strength and I have lost 8 pounds, five of which is body fat!

My clothes are fitting better and I feel great knowing I am getting in shape. Trainer Bob is a wealth of information coupled with a sense of humor – an all around great guy!"

—Mary Lou Porter, Fishers, IN   

"Neither my wife nor I (both then 50), had ever worked with a personal trainer or exercised very consistently. I had low expectations when Kathy started with Trainer Bob. But about 2 months later, I could not help but notice that her …physique…had become, well, noticeably more shapely! That was a turning point for me. I started going too and because of Bob’s likeable personality, knowledge, methods and psychology, I achieved benefits well beyond my expectations— and it was a lot of fun.

I went from the worst to the best shape of my life because of Bob. Even my golf game improved because of my increased strength, flexibility and conditioning. If we had not moved to Florida, we both would still be working with Bob. Before working out with Bob: Weight—182; Body Fat—26.6; Waist—38.
After working out with Bob: Weight—155; Body Fat—19.8; Waist—34.
The Good News: If you work with Bob, you’ll get results quickly, safely and enjoyably.
The Bad News: You will need to replace most of your clothes with new ones that fit your new body!"

—Mike Rhodes, Celebration, FL   

"I’m an older guy (i.e. mature man) who has a tendency toward over weight and I have high blood pressure. As a result about three years ago I joined the Cardinal Fitness Gym and started exercising and working out.

A little less than two years ago I met Trainer Bob and started working with him about once a week or so. During this time Bob has shown me all types of different weight training exercises and resistance drills that keep what is otherwise a real boring and exhausting activity interesting.

Bob and I are both engineers which allows us to discuss the resistance training in terms of the physics and chemistry of the human body which adds dimension to the activity. Bob has a great sense of humor and is always kidding around with his clients and everyone else in the gym which makes the training sessions more enjoyable.

In addition to weight training Trainer Bob has extensive knowledge in nutrition and provides consultation on healthy diets. Given that working out can really be a drag I would probably have quit training a long time ago had it not been for the encouragement and friendship of Bob Fields.

I would recommend him for anyone wanting to live a healthier existence."

—Dick Engle, President Omni-Tek, Inc., Noblesville, IN   

"I was referred to Trainer Bob Fields from my primary physician, Dr. Kevin Coss. After meeting with Trainer Bob for the first time, I was impressed with his knowledge and passion he has for his art. Through the course of the last few years, Trainer Bob has helped me with not only with weight training, weight loss, cardiovascular exercise and endurance, nutrition (that darn "Calorie King") but more importantly a new and exciting approach to health and wellness.

His methods and motivational tactics were aligned to my goals and objectives which improved my quality of life, personally as well as professional. I have a deep amount of respect for Trainer Bob and consider his "Life & Wellness Coaching" skills the foundation of my health today.

I went to Dr. Coss recently (May 2009) for my annual physical and at my tender age of 39, he gave me an A+ visit based on my Life, Health, and Wellness improvements. I am happy to share the credit with Trainer Bob as he pushed me and held me accountable to reach a weight and overall health I have not seen since in more than 15 years. I encourage and recommend anyone looking to improve their health to sit with Trainer Bob for an evaluation. It's the best first step you will take for a healthier life and you will not be disappointed!!"

—Greg Palmer, Fishers IN   

"I am 63 years old and have trained with Bob Fields for the past three years. An old basketball injury had left one of my knees very weak.

While working with Bob my knee has regained strength almost equal to the other. Trainer Bob is superior at his profession and takes a personal interest in my training and lifestyle choices.

Even at my age, I think my body, as a whole, is stronger than it has ever been."

—J. Moore, Indianapolis, IN   

“I started working with Trainer Bob in middle age; having never been focused on improving my physical condition. Two good friends were working with Trainer Bob and the results they were realizing were unmistakable and I wanted to enjoy the same benefits. Being a natural skeptic, I was expecting a trainer who would resemble a drill instructor, but my expectation was completely incorrect.

Bob proved to be knowledgeable, capable and most of all, more concerned with me and my well-being than with himself. This is rare today and if you’ve worked with a trainer who seemed distracted, bored and mostly focused on getting paid; you’ll appreciate Trainer Bob even more.

Rather than dread my sessions, I came to look forward to them; not only for the results I was achieving, but also for the friendship and entertainment as Trainer Bob became a friend, life coach and welcome addition to my busy life.

If you want to feel better, look better and live better, I urge you to make Trainer Bob a part of your life.“

—Bob Gassel, Carmel, IN   

"I would highly recommend Bob Fields as a personal trainer. I joined Cardinal Fitness but wasn't using the facility much because I didn't know how to use the equipment properly.

I'm a little older than the average member and felt intimidated by these unfamiliar machines. After working with Bob, I feel very comfortable with all the equipment.

And as a bonus, Bob is a nice, friendly guy and easy to work with.

—Sandra R., Carmel, IN