Personal Training Services

Personal training Services…

 One-On-One Personal Training:

One-on-one personal training is the perfect setting for individualized attention and accountability. The sessions usually last an hour and include an educational piece along with nutritional counseling while being guided through an exercise program tailored to the client’s specific needs.


  Remote / Online Personal Training:

If you can’t make it to a gym or you are out of state, Remote / Online training could be the answer. All you  need is some video conferencing software and a webcam and your in business!.


  In-Home Personal Training:

In-Home personal training is the perfect setting for those individuals wishing for all the benefit of personal training with the added benefit of home convenience and privacy. Several clients start training in the gym and later transition into the home after being guided and educated in home gym design.


  Weight Loss:

No matter what you’ve heard, weight loss is more than calories in v.s. calories out. It’s extremely complex! It’s about hormone balance, kinds of calories, food allergies or sensitivities. It depends on age, gender, medical conditions, medications, genetic predisposition and your resting metabolic rate. It IS NOT all about calories! Exercise helps, but it’s not the cure-all either. You will learn what it takes to make it happen! Or at leased find out why it hasn’t.


  Senior Fitness Personal Training:

Being a “Baby-Boomer” myself, I appreciate the trials and age related issues associated with the aging process. The aging process can be ugly or it can be managed with some routine maintenance.
For those individuals wanting to maintain functionality, balance, strength and stamina, try a program geared toward “Baby-Boomer” fitness.


  Nutritional Counseling:

I strongly believe that nutrition is 85% of the client’s success followed by exercise being the essential remaining 30%.  For that reason, I will attempt to have all clients, at least in the beginning, food journal for the 1st several weeks. It has been my experience that those individuals who log their foods see success far sooner than those that don’t. A basic understanding of nutrition is presented early on in the training process to maximize success as soon as possible. If a more detailed understanding of nutrition is necessary,  particularly in the case of pre-existing medical conditions, a referral to one of several nutritional experts will be recommended.


   Custom Exercise Prescriptions:

Custom exercise prescriptions are for those individuals wanting to go that extra mile. These are clients that not only want to  benefit from the focus and accountability of a personal trainer but want to add extra effort and focus on the off days. Specialized programs can be designed to accelerate their progress.


   Hour vs half-hour sessions:

For the last several decades I have been a strong proponent of 60 minute training sessions. One hour sessions allow sufficient time to include all of the aspects of a well-rounded fitness program. However… Recent studies in the last several years have shown that 30 minute sessions are almost as productive, provided these half-hour sessions are more intense and combine multi-joint, multi-muscle movements.  Additionally, some individuals find 60 minutes of exercise to be too intense or  simply find exercise uncomfortable in general. Several clients have stated that they can justify the cost and time for 2 or 3 half-hour sessions per week over 1 or 2 hour-long sessions. For that reason, I have started offering half-hour sessions. They are a little cheaper but they are more intense and we focus mostly on exercise and less on nutrition and flexibility.