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Oct 102014
Statin drugs

Statin drugs


Trainerbob… If I’m on cholesterol medication, can I eat what ever I want?


Absolutely not…  Many people who take a statin medication to lower their cholesterol mistakenly think that they can eat whatever they like. This is definitely not the case. A recent study has shown in the last several years, many individuals have returned to poor eating habits because they’re taking statin drugs.

A statin drug helps to lower the bad cholesterol, however, it’s to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet along with exercise. Not as a cure all! For many, this drug is a lifesaver. For others who refuse to change their lifestyle, it will have little or no effect. The false sense of security that thousands of people are getting by taking the drug, and continuing with poor lifestyle choices, can actually place them at greater risk, and is better if they rehabilitate with centers you can find at different sites online like
Ingesting high fatty foods along with a sedentary lifestyle still puts you at a greater risk for cancer and a multitude of illnesses which the statin drug was not designed to address.