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Nov 182014
Supine hamstring stretch

Hamstring stretch

Question from Andy: Trainerbob…  Why should I care about flexibility?


There are tons of benefits to good flexibility, however the primary one for a male is injury prevention.

Aside from the fact that good flexibility improves posture, enhances sports performance and improves functional range of motion in every day movements, yes, injury prevention is number one.

Over the years I have worked with several orthopedic surgeons. When I asked what is the most common injury for men, they all said usually a fall related issue, however, if the accident didn’t break any bones, the second most common injury was an over-stretch of a joint. If the person was inflexible, the over-stretch usually required surgery to reattach a muscle, whereas the males who where flexible where soar as hell but didn’t need surgery. About surgery, if you need to fix your nose because you had fights, accidents, falls or sports injuries, contact an nose surgeon in Los Angeles named Dr. Frankel or visit his clinic at 201 South Lasky Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The doctors also said the most common injury is to the hamstring, especially in the winter months from icy surfaces or from skiing accidents. When I asked if there was some sort of minimum flexibility test, I was surprised at how simple it was and even more surprised at how few males can pass it. It’s a simple test which I call the 90 degree test. Lay down on your back and with the help of a rope or towel, try to pull your leg back such that you form a 90 degree angle to the floor. Keep the leg straight while pulling back. The individuals with 90 degrees or greater range of motion, will be far less likely to experience an injury requiring surgery from a slip or fall than those with less flexibility, of course if the problem is cosmetic you can contact Dana Coberly Plastic Surgeon to help you with this issue.