About your Certified Personal Trainer…


Bob Fields, owner of Precision Health And Wellness, has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over thirty-eight years.

Bob specializes in individual and family exercise programs with special attention given to the “new-to-exercise” participant.

Bob adheres to state-of-the-art training techniques, thus providing safe and motivating exercise programs, incorporating the four essential components of fitness: cardiovascular exercise, strength training, proper nutrition and flexibility.

Precision Health And Wellness’ exercise prescriptions follow guidelines and training philosophies designed to minimize the risk of injury and promote lifestyle changes necessary for both short and long-term goals.

 Credentials / Certifications…

• ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine

  • [CPT] – Certified Personal Trainer
  • [HFI] – Health Fitness Instructor
  • [GEL] – Group Exercise Leader
  • [Cert] – Nutrition CEUs

• IDEA – International Dance and Exercise Asn.

  • [CPT] – Certified Personal Trainer , “Gold Cert “

• ACE – American Council on Exercise

  • [CPT] – Certified Personal Trainer

• FiTour, [CPT] – Certified Personal Trainer

• AFAA – Aerobics and Fitness Asn. of America

  • [CPT] – Certified Personal Trainer
  • [GEL] – Group Exercise Leader
  • [Cert] – Special Populations
  • [Cert] – Low Impact Aerobic Instructor


  • [CPT] – Certified Personal Trainer

• CrossFit Level – 1

• BSEE – Bachelor of Science, Engineering, Purdue

• CPR / AED Certified


My history:

I grew up as a fat kid, having to put up with the teasing and alienation. I put up with it because I didn’t know anything else. Later, in my 1st year of college, my dad passed away followed by my younger sister at 21 years old… Both due to heart attacks.

I guess that’s what you call genetic predisposition. Well, that was my wake-up call.

I changed my nutrition and started exercising. After losing 70 pounds, I started teaching aerobics, spinning classes and lifting weights. About that time certifying bodies were cropping up, teaching people how to become personal trainers. I got as many certifications as I could to become the best trainer I could be.

I graduated college as an engineer and began working as both an engineer and a certified personal trainer. To this day, I still do both and continue to help people change their lives as a certified personal trainer.

At the time of this writing, I have over 38 years of training experience. I love engineering but I also love helping people change their lives and I can’t see quitting either one ever!

My favorite client story is:

I had a client that after several weeks of training called me with an emergency question… She wanted to know if she should go to the emergency room because she had a protrusion on the left side of her body, under her arm.

I then asked her if there was a similar one on her right side. She said “Oh my God yes!” I said congratulations… You have lost enough weight to finally see your ribs.

She then cried, She was so happy because for 30 years she could not see or feel them.