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Proud trainer moment with Larry

 Posted by on December 15, 2014
Dec 152014
Larry doing dips at 80 years old

Elevated reverse dips at 80!

Proud trainer moment…  My 80 year old client better than most 50 year olds.

I don’t brag about all my clients but Larry deserves a mention. I’ve been working with Larry for about 14 years now and can honestly say that the power of diet and exercise is truly like an anti-aging drug and an alcohol addiction remedy. Larry, having just turned 80 years old, was wondering if I had noticed any signs of slow-down. I suggested that we try something a little more challenging than normal today and find out. I recommended that we try elevated reverse dips.

Regular reverse dips are hard enough but elevated dips are definitely a challenge. No problem for Larry! Hence… A proud trainer mention. These are the moments that make me love my job!