Weight Loss Tip-3

 Posted by on August 27, 2014
Aug 272014

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Did You Know?

[ Weight Loss Myth: If You Eat and Exercise Consistently, You Will Never Gain Weight ]

Fact:  WebMD says– You need to be willing to make lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments as you age, change, and grow. The fact is, your metabolism slows down as you age. As a result, you often have to either eat less or exercise more to avoid gaining weight. The biggest change usually occurs around the age of 40. Your metabolism will continue to slow down more gradually over the years, so always keep your food and exercise plan flexible.
When it comes to diet and exercise, the only thing that you can really be certain of is that there will be new weight loss schemes with every new day. By keeping informed — and raising your eyebrow when in doubt — you will be better prepared to navigate the never-ending supply of conflicting weight loss advice.